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La Perla, Milwaukee: 12/22/10

Jordan’s apt: 12/24/10

Marquette campus: 12/23/10

Jordan’s apt: 12/24/10

Jordan’s apt: 12/24/10

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Carly getting ready for Liz & Adam’s wedding in Milwaukee.  8.28.2010

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Goodbye Milwaukee…hello world!

Posted in Friends, Home sweet home, Portraits by erinbrethauer on August 3, 2010

After finishing school, getting married, and starting a family in Milwaukee, my good friends Megan & Zach and their lovely children are pulling up stakes and moving on to bigger things in DC and beyond.  I know everyone in Milwaukee is already missing them and I am no exception.

Some of my favorite memories of going back home to Milwaukee involves spending time with them.  Watching Megan & Zach lovingly grow their garden, fix up their house, interact with their community and raise two beautiful kids over the years has been so enriching.  Their example sets high standards in my life and I’m so lucky we’re friends.  While the Milwaukee chapter is closing, I’m so excited to see where they’re going to end up (so I can visit).

Here they are in front of their Milwaukee home at the end of June during my last visit.

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