Erin Brethauer

Conquering the tree

Posted in Farming in the Blood, North Carolina by erinbrethauer on September 5, 2009


This is Judson.  He’s 4 and  loves to climb.  His parents run Cane Creek farm where I’m working on a little project.  In the ten minutes that I hung out with Judson while he climbed/tackled this tree, I watched him fall three times.  The first time he fell, there were a few seconds where we both paused so he could figure out how to react.  He quickly snapped out of it and said ‘that was fun!’ before climbing back on the tree…to fall off a minute later.  He’s a rough and tumble sort of guy.  Later Judson asked his dad if he could climb on the roof.  Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


All the little scottish wrestlers

Posted in North Carolina, On Assignment by erinbrethauer on August 5, 2009


Two boys practice Scottish wrestling with instruction from Mike Sharpe during the 54th Grandfather Mountain Highland Games at MacRae Meadows near Linville, NC in mid-July.

The kid with the mohawk is the leading champ in his age group so I can see why the other kid looks a little nervous…

Hide and Seek

Posted in North Carolina, On Assignment by erinbrethauer on June 17, 2009


Anyone else heard of the game Camouflage? It’s like hide-n-seek except for kids who are training to be hunters. Kidding. One kid is the “predator” while the rest of the kids are mice or bunnies who have to hide in the forest. When the predator opens his eyes, he stands in one place and scans the forest for any moving prey. Anyone he sees is out and has to sit down. The last little bunny in the forest is the winner and predator for the next game. Here’s one little bunny hiding along a trail at the N.C. Arboretum. Not a bad spot.