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Website update- DNC

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I know with the election over, you’re probably going through political withdrawal and waxing nostalgic for all the hoopla and drama.  No?  Well, just in case you need a little taste, I finally posted some photos from the DNC in Charlotte which you can see here.

Thanks for looking!  And hope you had a very happy thanksgiving.


High Steppin’ project

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Every year I’ve worked at the paper, I’ve covered the annual Holiday Parade in downtown Asheville and each year, I find myself following this one group- the Hillcrest High Steppin’ Majorettes and Drum Corp.

They have this energy that is captivating and exciting and the people they pass on the parade route react to that energy.  They jump up and dance, yelling to their friends in the group.  The high steppers usually have police officers escorting them through the parade route because a big entourage of fans and parents start following them.

So in preparation for this year’s parade, I decided to do a project on the group.  I went to their practices and took notes, video and pictures and after a week of editing, the story was published last Saturday in the Citizen-Times.

You can read the article here.

See photos and video on my updated website here.

Or visit the project page on the newspaper’s website here.

I hope you’ll check it out.


Flash Forward

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Got some really nice news today.  I’m an honorable mention in the Magenta Flash Forward competition.  Check it out:

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Silly bandz and hula hoops

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Aaah, summertime in Asheville.

I was out shooting the ‘Downtown After Five’ street concert for work last night when I found this nice little scene.  These girls were learning how to hula hoop from a lady in a tassled bikini which, in this town, isn’t that unusual.   People here love hula hoops and wierd outfits.  It’s pretty sweet.

I can’t decide which photo I like the most…so I posted all three.  Feel free to let me know which one you like the best.


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Carly & James

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My great friends Carly and James got hitched in Chicago last Saturday in a beautiful, super-fun ceremony. Here they are slow dancing (8th grade style) between the palm trees in the reception space they found on the fly two days before the wedding (the palm trees, sadly, were removed). Yes, you read correct. They found out that the reception space they originally scheduled was double-booked in a terrible way: James got an invitation to the other event. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Things got pretty crazy.

Despite this nightmare scenario, Carly and James kept their cool which is a testament to their easy-going personalities and their love for one another. Their many friends, family, caterers and co-workers rallied around them and worked hard to pull every loose end together and comfort them in a time of need.  Everything turned out great and I’m so excited for their bright future together.  Aaah, love.   So hot right now.

Picking Beans til dark

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From the ‘Farming in the Blood’ series I’m working on:

Honley and Alma Etherton rarely sit down when work remains, especially when the fields of their Madison County farm are lush with vegetables. But after 47 years together working the land — and nine hours of picking beans on a recent Tuesday morning — they need a break and some cool air.

They set down eight half-bushel baskets, step inside their home and lean back into their easy chairs in front of the air conditioning.

“This sure does feel good,” sighs Alma Etherton.

But the day is not done. They picked three rows that are 300 feet long, but 75 feet remain. After a short rest, Honley grabs empty baskets while Alma dons a sun hat and walks to the spot where they left off.

“There aren’t many 66-year-old women you would find doing this work,” muses Honley Etherton. With the bean row between them, they sit on camping stools to save their backs as they pick.

They sell some of the half-runners at a roadside market and in Marshall, but Alma Etherton keeps four bushels for canning.

After adding another 20 minutes to nearly five decades in the fields, they leave the rest of the row for tomorrow.