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Isaac’s birthday

Posted in Farming in the Blood by erinbrethauer on May 23, 2011

5/14/11 – Maple Leaf bar in Milwaukee

Happy birthday to my lovely brother, Isaac!

In honor of this great day, I thought that I’d share some classics from childhood:

Note: Isaac was both a dragon AND a knight for this halloween…and also a gardener by the looks of those gloves.

Motorcross, bank robbery and dragon-knight slaying takes a lot out of a kid.

Happy Birthday brother! ┬áHope it’s a great day.


New Orleans, part deux

Posted in Friends, Travel by erinbrethauer on May 2, 2011

3/27/11 – New Orleans

1. Erica

2. Tery

3. Lindsay & John

4-5. Erica, human vase

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