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Demolition team

Posted in Friends by erinbrethauer on June 23, 2010

June 13, 2010:  demolition team.

Our lovely friends Andrew & Kreh recently bought a house in the cozy neighborhood of Montford.  The house has great potential- it’s nice, big and in a lovely spot but there’s quite a lot of work to be done before they can move in.  A total gutting of the house is in order:  the floors, ceiling and walls to start.  Many hands make light work, so they bought a bunch of crowbars, dust masks and goggles and called in some friends to pound down the walls upstairs.  It was totally satisfying smashing down walls with a crowbar for a few hours.   Their house is going to be great, it’s a real labor of love.

Afterwards, while covered in dust, dirt and house grime, we feasted on barbeque and beer.  A great Sunday afternoon.



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I have two great little brothers.  This is Jordan, the youngest pup of the family.  He came to visit over his spring break in March and found himself plenty of adventure.  One night downtown, he found a giant sack of gumballs resting on the sidewalk.  He carried this new-found treasure with him the rest of the weekend and offered the slightly stale gumballs to people at the bar.  There were a lot of bewildered looks…but also a lot of laughter and happiness at the randomness of the offer.   It was fun watching people being surprised with a treat.

These are portraits of Jordan on the last day of his visit.  I hope he comes back soon…who knows what he’ll find next time.

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