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Sweet hotel bathroom

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Carly the night before her wedding at the Affinia in Chicago.


Dogs at the market

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I think there were as many dogs at the farmer’s market last Saturday as there were people.   The St. Bernard was as big as a pony and the biggest crowd pleaser.  You could probably throw a saddle on that thing and ride it around town.

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Carly & James

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My great friends Carly and James got hitched in Chicago last Saturday in a beautiful, super-fun ceremony. Here they are slow dancing (8th grade style) between the palm trees in the reception space they found on the fly two days before the wedding (the palm trees, sadly, were removed). Yes, you read correct. They found out that the reception space they originally scheduled was double-booked in a terrible way: James got an invitation to the other event. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Things got pretty crazy.

Despite this nightmare scenario, Carly and James kept their cool which is a testament to their easy-going personalities and their love for one another. Their many friends, family, caterers and co-workers rallied around them and worked hard to pull every loose end together and comfort them in a time of need.  Everything turned out great and I’m so excited for their bright future together.  Aaah, love.   So hot right now.

Conquering the tree

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This is Judson.  He’s 4 and  loves to climb.  His parents run Cane Creek farm where I’m working on a little project.  In the ten minutes that I hung out with Judson while he climbed/tackled this tree, I watched him fall three times.  The first time he fell, there were a few seconds where we both paused so he could figure out how to react.  He quickly snapped out of it and said ‘that was fun!’ before climbing back on the tree…to fall off a minute later.  He’s a rough and tumble sort of guy.  Later Judson asked his dad if he could climb on the roof.  Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?